York wallpapers are a collaborative effort of more than 250 valued employees: designers, craftspeople, and manufacturing, customer service and support personnel based in its York, Pennsylvania headquarters, along with a team of field salespeople across the country.

The handful of York workers who made wallpapers with a few printing presses in 1895 would be proud to know that today their factory creates wallpapers for people all over the U.S. and in 50 countries the world over. And they would be proud that York has stayed true to its values:

Great design
Safeguarding local American manufacturing
Uniting hand craftsmanship, state-of-the-art mechanization, and thoughtful research & development to create products of the very highest quality
Preserving rare, historic print presses — marvelous working examples of early automated printing and turn-of-the-century engineering – and the art of using them
Sustaining the dying art of apprenticed craftsmanship in design and manufacturing
York strives to create great products factory-made in America that people worldwide enjoy and rely upon — and does so in a safe and fair workplace that upholds a long-held commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Though true craftsmanship and local manufacturing have all but disappeared from the American landscape, York works hard to retain both.

The vast majority of York products are designed in-house – including murals; appliques; and patterns embellished with recycled glass beads, mica, glitter, sand, Swarovski crystals, flock and embroidery. As York designers dream up ever more inventive designs, their colleagues in R&D develop machinery from scratch to bring these designs to life.

Designs are readied for print by apprenticed color experts. Skilled craftspeople then print each design on one of five different types of presses – surface, gravure, rotary screen, flexo-graphic or digital. The factory hums with modern print presses running alongside surface presses dating to 1895, the year of York’s founding. York is the only manufacturer in the world to own and operate every type of wallcovering printing press.

The results of these collaborative, creative processes is a true representation of the craft of wallpaper-making and the skill of the artisan.


Американские обои York уже более ста лет украшают стены требовательных покупателей.

Разнообразная гамма цветов: от нежных пастельных до ярких насыщенных; всевозможные фигуры, цветы и орнаменты; сложные современные или сдержанные консервативные композиции— в коллекциях York вы найдете обои для любой комнаты в доме.

 История компании началась в США в 1895 году, а сегодня York имеет более чем 40 представительств в различных странах. Таким образом, элитная продукция компании завоевала популярность не только у себя на родине, но и в странах Европы и Азии. Обои York славятся не только своим качеством и многообразием стилевых решений, но и вполне оптимальными ценами. Что касается многообразия, то каждый каталог настенных покрытий York предназначен для определенной цели и позволит декорировать стены любой комнаты.