Delos Rugs is owned and operated by Ivan and Leah Phillips (image 1) and was established February 2002 in Calhoun, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly thereafter, Delos began its manufacturing and importation of wool tufted and hand-knotted rugs from India. In 2006, Delos launched its first incarnation of the Made-to-Order program with rugs being manufactured in India.

In 2009, Delos partnered with bedding manufacturer Wildcat Territory (Wildcat Territory President, Nancy Reib shown image 2) and Designer Laurie Forehand (shown image 3) to develop 46 rug patterns, which added new levels of rug styling.

August 2010 marked a major milestone for Delos Rugs as a company by expanding MTO manufacturing to the United States. Delos (Delos Staff shown photo 4) is a full service design-to-manufacturing complex with mastery of all aspects of rug styling, design, and production.