There is an adage that is often used when raising a child: “it takes a village”. Parents, relatives, siblings, friends, people of every stripe and station take part in the formation of a child as he or she grows. The collective hope of those closest to each child is that child will grow in beauty, hope, love, and joy. Ultimately, that child will become an adult that might be a blessing to future generations.

At Amer, the same view is taken with each of its rugs as it does take a village to create a rug. Hearts, minds, hands, and lives join together in the creation of a single rug. So many different people in different places actually add a little of their life story into each rug: shepherds, shearers, those who clean and spin wool all by hand, those who dye and wash yarn, those who keep the machines running, the designers who leverage technology, the weavers who masterfully bring the pieces together, to the teams of men and women who finish, wash, and complete each and every rug that comes from Amer. Dozens of hands touch a single rug and help to raise it up into a woven piece of art before it ever meets a client’s floor.

So, when you choose an Amer rug, Amer wants you to feel and see the history and stories of the “village” of individuals who have thoughtfully crafted your rug. May this rug be a blessing for your room, and for future generations.

Founded in 1986 by Mr. Mahesh Choudhary, Amer Rugs was the vision of a man with the intention of becoming a global leader in the area rug industry. Over the last nearly three decades, Mr. Choudhary has seen his vision realized as Amer Rugs has emerged from the shadows of its competitors as a wise, thoughtful, intentional leader, full of youthful energy, but always intent on doing things the right way.

Today, Amer Rugs is a premier design and manufacturing house of area rugs, based in Atlanta, GA. Guided by husband-wife team Mr. Tanuj Gupta and Ms. Monika Gupta, Amer leverages its vertical integration to bring to market the finest examples of artisan rugs sourced the world over. With adroit color and design sensibilities, Amer is quickly rising as a lead brand, worldwide. As a business, Amer is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer (in conjunction with Saraswatii Global Private, Limited, (INDIA)), EDI capable, and fully geared for retail, catalog, e-commerce, and the digital age. Amer facilitates collaborative private label and RN products for its clients, and removes the barriers between design, production, and getting its rugs to market.