Clayton and Company

coverClayton & Company is a manufacturer of traditional lamps of exceptional quality. Throughout our eight years in North Carolina, we have used materials to create lamps that will stand alone as examples of classical design. We travel throughout Europe and the Far East, gathering materials such as porcelain, hand-cut crystal, alabaster, marble, glass and iron to create a unique and varied collection of lamps.

Hand applied finishes, whether on solid brass or cast composition, give final product a mellow, aged appearance. Finish materials such as gold, solver, and copper leaf may be “rubbed through” to add character to the final product. Clayton & Company lamps are made to order. This enables us to supply specific finishes for your design requirements. Whether choosing a standard Clayton & company finish or submitting one of your own, we will provide a finish that will compliment, not compete with, your interior design.

Clayton & Company lamp shades are also offered in a variety of materials and styles. Crafted to our specification, soft shades are made of fine linen and silk. Hand tailoring features include smocking and pleating. Unusual materials in hard shades include handmade book paper, Egyptian Papyrus, Mexican Bark Paper, and French string.

From raw materials to final touches, Clayton & Company is committed to quality during every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring a product worthy of your home or office.

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