Cactus Design Studio USA

Our Story

Committed to a unique vision of design that embodies luxurious artistry and green materials, the Cactus Design Studio is an exclusive team of innovative young artists offering high-end contemporary, modernist and classic design. In the tradition of the artist driven Vienna Workshops of the 1900s, many of our designers are formally trained in the studio arts and bring innovation to an eclectic mix of artisan design reflecting influences such as minimalist contemporary painting, the historic decorative arts, vignettes of architectural design, fine textiles, and reinterpreted visions of classical beauty.

High quality, original design, and attention to detail showcases the artists’ mission to embody a romantic and artistry driven world. Pairing beauty with clean living, we strive to produce well-made imaginatively designed sustainable materials.

What and How we do it

We offer a wide array of home interior products including superior wall coverings, textiles, window dressings, upholstery, and, trimmings. Our textiles include crafted embroidery, jute and silks, combining brilliant craftsmanship with natural textures both refined and unfinished reflecting the sensibility of the Japanese Aesthetic Wabi Sabi, and contemporary and modernist design as well motifs from traditional décor.

Our consumer is a sophisticated client, who wants original design without having to sacrifice superior quality. Our diverse and unique collection can suit almost any décor including the eclectic elegance of classic country estate style, or even elements of Pop Culture paired with Tartan, awning stripe or seersucker.

Perhaps your client is a perfect match for a distinctly royal approach suggestive of Maharajah interiors fashioned from flattened designs, brocaded medallions, and rich color saturated fabrics.

The naturalist client may love the organic and folkloric sensibility of the French provenance interior captured in our fine textile lines or the au courant assemblage of mixed patterns in the Boho Style, such as contemporary florals coupled with scenes from famous paintings.

The successful tailored type, who seeks a streamlined modernist oasis, will
find easy maintenance, and elegant clean lines in our natural textures of imitation leather, stone and wood.

Whatever their signature style, the Cactus Design studio can provide distinct and exceptional quality products for your discerning client’s sanctuary.

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