Bethel Lighting

Bethel International is a wholesale business that was established by Kenny Eom in 1996. We manufacture and distribute lighting, furniture and accessories from styles that range from contemporary, to modern or traditional. We carry over 1,000 different lighting fixtures and 300 different styles of mirrored furniture; as well as venetian mirrors, bone inlay and mother of pearl furniture, metal and cast aluminum furniture, aluminum on leather, aviator and silver alloy metal furniture. Our products have a special way of welcoming interior designers, retailers and contractors to fit their style of needs in any living space. We are always striving to deliver an ever changing selection of beautiful designs with reasonable price points. In addition, we can make any type of custom lighting design and custom bone inlay, mother of pearl, shagreen, crocodile, indoor and outdoor solid aluminum and aviator furniture according to the customer’s specification.

The Quality of Design: On a yearly basis we travel the world for inspiration to capture what we see into our line of products. Our goal is to bring quality design to our savvy clientele that look to reflect taste and style into their vision of the environments around them. We source quality metals, crystal, marble, ceramics, porcelain and other materials to achieve distinctive looks which compliment every style of interior and exterior design.

Accessible Price Points: We value our company’s long-standing business relationships with our vendors and partners around the world to deliver products at the best possible price points to help fit your budget.