Port Eliot


At Port Eliot we created our business model based on what buyers truly need to earn. Our collection and model is totally client driven and began in 2008, after years of creating and selling to nation-wide distributors who in turn wholesaled the product to the trade.

Humbly, we are generations of retailers. We based our collection from my over 30 years of better-end retail, that also included nice antiques, plus wholesaling and retailing European shop made designs, mainly from the U.K. in small workshops.

This culmination of experience has allowed us to offer the best value on the most unique innovative “cabinet maker” collection on the market. Today, Port Eliot is crafted with European cabinet maker building techniques. Built in select small, family owned workshops for the important investment look.

We are not mass produced, not labeled, steeped in European history, and artistically re-created for today’s lifestyle. We are not encumbered by the past, while maintaining integrity and authenticity. Port Eliot is the starting price point for the investment appeal.

We offer finest materials (timbers, hardware, and marbles). Our finishes are hand-rubbed offering clarity of beautiful timber and grain, rich, yet warm. Most of our eclectic and original designs are comfortable in most any environment.

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