Alinea’s fabulous, high-end furnishings that include exquisite and timeless hand-carved mirrors; fashionable and luxurious console, dining and side tables; cabinets, chests and buffets; fine upholstered accent chairs, benches, ottomans, sofas and settees; and enchanting decorative accents and wall décor.

Alinea’s collections are stylish and graceful, and timeless in appeal. The look is bold and simple, enhanced by high gloss finishes and jewelry-like gilded accents. The collections are about movement, joy and delight. They are soft, sensuous and sexy, with gentle sweeps and curves. The palette is delicate and smoky with a shimmering luminance. The hand-applied finishes are varied and contrasting, consisting of rich wood stains, crisp lacquers, and enchanting gold and silver leaf. The experience is truly worldly, blending elements of European, Asian, and primitive design to create something fresh and unique for your space. And they are truly classics – elegant and enduring for future generations to relish and appreciate.

Please take a moment to explore Alinea’s wide array of innovative and exciting creations and finishes that are now available – handcrafted to the quality you demand, but in styles that are innovative and unexpected. New designs are continually brought to life in an ever-expanding line that is sure to delight and amaze.

We invite you to indulge a new approach to luxury. Welcome to Alinea.

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